Non-Privacy Fences

Define the boundaries of your property and secure your backyard with a non-privacy fence

Bringing safety, privacy, and style to any property since 1991

Mark Off And Enclose Your Property While Still Being Open With Your Neighbors

If you need to define the boundaries of your home but don’t want to completely isolate yourself, a non-privacy fence is what you need. It separates you and your neighbors’ property, while still allowing interaction.

You can let your kids and pets play on the back lawn and know they are safe. When you go on a trip, know that your valuables – like your cars or boat – stay safe inside your backyard and not exposed on your front lawn.

Enjoy your yard and start feeling safe and at ease in your home.

A Fence That Does Its Job And Matches Your Budget

Depending on your property size and your budget, we can help you choose the right fence type. A chain link fence is the best functional option for large yards if you need to keep your costs low. It requires little maintenance and is strong and durable.

An aluminum fence comes in various designs and styles and costs about the same as a wood fence.

Your backyard is easy to enter and vandalize if it doesn’t have a fence. Whichever direction you go, installing a fence only comes with benefits.

How It Works

We’ll help you achieve a more secure backyard in a few easy steps. Our turnaround time is always fast, and if you ever have any extra questions or needs throughout the process, we’ll be there for you.

Step 1. Get In Touch With Us

Give us a call to tell us about your needs and vision. We’ll also schedule an on-site consultation.

Step 2. Design And Build

Together we’ll design your non-privacy fence exactly as you want it. Then we move on to building and installing.

Step 3. Enjoy Your Backyard

Once our work is done, you and your family are free to enjoy your backyard however you please.

Non-Privacy Fence Prices

The most common, best-selling non-privacy fence we install is the classic chain link fence. The prices below are for chain link fences, but we also design and install vinyl, aluminum, steel, or iron fences. Regardless of your choice, we provide error-free, superior work, on time and on budget.

Small Non-Privacy Fence*


200 linear feet backyard.

Medium Non-Privacy Fence*


300-350 linear feet backyard.

Large Non-Privacy Fence*


400-500 linear feet backyard.

*Prices are average and may change depending on your backyard’s linear footage and other specific variables. We will provide an exact quote after the on-site consultation.

Our Portfolio

In the 25 years since we’ve been in business, we’ve designed and installed thousands of fences and gates. Browse our portfolio below. We look forward to helping you add some much-needed privacy to your property!


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Homeowners Like You Say…


Mike went out of his way to build my fence during the holidays. 

I would recommend him to anyone. 

I love my fence and so does my dog.

David Dukette


Very knowledgeable about their products and very customer friendly.  

They helped me with an electric gate that they did not originally install. 

They will certainly have all of my business from now on.

Ethel Marshall


Mike went well above and beyond any expectations I could have had. 

His price bested the competition by a mile and the quality of work was spot on. 

Highly recommended!


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