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Remove The Limitations Of Pre-made Gates

For many of us, gates are a must. They keep intruders out, while the kids and pets stay in. Your family and belongings are protected, which gives you a feeling of security and peace of mind.

But it can be hard to find a pre-made gate that’s exactly the size you need, has all the functions you want, and also looks good.

Designing a custom gate puts you in control of all that and more. A custom gate enhances your entryway, driveway, and your entire home. It can be as sturdy and secure as you want.

Technology Lover? Get A Smart, Automatic Gate

Imagine coming home one stormy afternoon. It’s the heaviest rain you’ve seen in years. Here comes the moment you’ve been trying to avoid: going out in the rain to open the gate. You drive past the gate, and since you’re already soaked, you might as well get out of the car again and close the gate behind you, right?

Now picture that gate opening and closing for you with the push of a button, while you stay warm and dry inside your car. When guests come over, you won’t have to bother leaving the house to open the gate. Grant them access from your phone and welcome them with a glass of wine.

How It Works

Forget the hassle of buying a pre-made gate that doesn’t fit or function as it should. Your home deserves a custom gate that works and makes your entrance look spectacular. Here’s how our process works:

Step 1. Get In Touch With Us

Give us a call to tell us about your vision for your custom gate. We’ll listen to your needs and schedule an on-site consultation.

Step 2. Design And Build

We’ll work together on the gate design until you’re happy with how it looks. When we’re on the same page, we move on to building and installing.

Step 3. Enjoy Your Custom Gate

Once our job is done, lock the gate and enjoy the feeling of added security that it brings. While your family and belongings are safe, your property’s curb appeal is transformed.

Custom Gate Prices

Whether you want a small walkway gate or a large driveway gate, you get to choose every aspect of it. From materials, colors, design, and functionality, you decide how your gate behaves and looks.

Small Custom Gate*


Small gate 12 feet wide, built on 2-inch square gate posts.

Medium Custom Gate*


Medium custom gate, built on 4-inch square gate posts, with heavier materials.

High-End Custom Gate*


Smart automatic gate with keypad entry, Bluetooth, emergency sensors, and high-end design and materials.

*Prices are average and may change depending on the gate size, design, materials, and technology you choose. We will provide an exact quote after the on-site consultation.

Our Portfolio

In the 25 years since we’ve been in business, we’ve designed and installed thousands of fences and gates. Browse our portfolio below. We look forward to helping you add security and aesthetic appeal to your property!


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Homeowners Like You Say…


Mike went well above and beyond any expectations I could have had. 

His price bested the competition by a mile and the quality of work was spot on. 

Highly recommended!



They did a fabulous job on the fence and made sure my gate was secure (even though they didn’t install that) so my dogs wouldn’t get out. 

They communicated consistently throughout the whole job. 

I would definitely hire them again!

Christina Lunsmann


Mike went out of his way to build my fence during the holidays. 

I would recommend him to anyone. 

I love my fence and so does my dog.

David Dukette

Secure Your Property And Make Your Home The Jewel Of The Neighborhood With A Custom Gate